Fishing in Australia: Why it should be on your bucket list!

Australia, with its expansive 60,000-kilometer coastline, offers unparalleled fishing opportunities. Boasting nearly 4,000 marine species, including unique ones found nowhere else on Earth, the country's waters are a giant lucky dip for anglers. From chrome-silver barramundi to giant black marlin, diverse species make Australian fishing an experience not to be missed.

  • Barramundi


    These giant fish thrive in both fresh and saltwater in the tropical north, including the Kimberley region in Western Australia, the Northern Territory, and north Queensland. Known for their explosive strikes and gill-rattling jumps, barramundi is a sport fishing sensation. Consider a barramundi fishing charter for an expert-guided experience.

    Lake Tinaroo and the one metre Barramundi 
  • Giant Black Marlin


    Australia offers the world's most reliable big black marlin fishing. From September to early December, these giants, including "granders" exceeding a thousand pounds, gather along the Great Barrier Reef. Explore the reef with a deep-sea fishing charter for an unforgettable experience.

    Offshore Fishing Adventure with Mark Berg 
  • Spanish Mackerel


    Prolific in Australia's northern waters, the narrow-barred Spanish mackerel is a prized catch from southern Queensland to mid-coast Western Australia, with peak seasons during the cooler months. Opt for a fishing charter in Australia to target these sharp-toothed predators.

    Massive Mackerel on the Great Barrier Reef 
  • Giant Trevally


    Known as the bullies of the fish world, giant trevally in Australia's tropical north and across the Top End offer thrilling encounters for anglers using surface popper lures. Consider a deep-sea fishing charter for a chance to battle these mega

    Giant Trevally at Kenn Reef 
  • Brown Trout


    Thriving in cooler parts of Australia, brown trout provide excellent fishing in Tasmania, New South Wales, Victoria, and the Australian Capital Territory. Explore Tasmania's waters with a trout fishing charter for a guided and rewarding experience.

    Brown Trout in remote Tasmania 
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My Favourite Fishing Destinations

Fishing on the Great Barrier Reef QLD

To cover all the aspects of fishing the Great Barrier Reef would take weeks so here is a
snapshot of some of my favourite fish to target and what to catch them with. Firstly, I love
top water fishing. Chasing Giant Trevally on poppers and stick baits is by far my favourite

form of fishing on the Great Barrier Reef. There is nothing quite like seeing a 40kg Giant
Trevally open its bucket mouth and hunt down a surface lure. It’s completely visual fishing
and the fight is insane.

My go to gear is a PE8-10 Popping rod (I use Venom Rods) and a large capacity spinning reel like a Stella or maybe an ATC SW16000 Vigilance spool with 80-100lb braid. 100-120lb fluro carbon leader and a range of stick baits and poppers. There are simply too many lures to go over but anything around 200-250mm is the go.

The other type of fishing I love doing on the Great Barrier Reef is flicking plastics for Coral Trout. In that situation I use a PE4-5 rod around 7 foot long with maybe a 4000-size reel spooled with 40–60-pound braid. 3–5-inch plastics of all shapes and sizes work but the most important thing is to use a jig head that’s big enough to keep you close to the bottom depending on the current. 

The time of year doesn't really matter but it can be insanely hot out there from December through to February. 

Some of the Australian Fishing Charters I can recommend are Big Cat Reality Charters based out of Bundaberg and Exceed Sportfishing in Port Douglas. Very different to each other but both excellent charters that will take you to one of the best fishing destinations on the planet, The Great Barrier Reef.

Click here to see me in action catching a Dog Tooth Tuna at Kenn Reef >

Fishing at Airlie Beach QLD

Heading out from Airlie Beach to Bugatti Reef on the Great Barrier Reef. It just never fails to deliver! Giant Trevallies, Coral Trout, Mackerel, Tuna, Wahoo, Marlin, Sailfish and more. You couldn't want any more from a fishing adventure. Superb!

Fishing from Port Douglas QLD

The fishing out of Port Douglas is something else! It's an absolute trip of a lifetime. Catching Red Emperor (one of my favourite fish to target and eat) and big Spanish Mackerel on surface makes for an exciting fishing adventure.

Fishing in Weipa QLD

I have fished so many parts of the Cape York coast that I wasn't really expecting anything too different, but I was wrong. What an incredible fishery. You can pretty much chase anything you can imagine from Blue Bastards in the shallows on fly to Red Emperor in the deeper reefs to monster Barramundi up some of the remote creeks. This place has it all and is stunningly beautiful to top it off.

I fish with Kurt from Far North Fishing and on our first visit we did a mother ship trip to the Love River. We literally caught hundreds of fish including monster Jacks, Threadies and Barramundi with some incredible top water sessions in the shallows.

Each day was its own adventure and because Kurt has lived and fished in the area his entire life he really knew where to go, which makes a big difference when you only have a week to explore such a vast destination.

I often get asked where my favourite place to fish is and let me tell you, Weipa is not far from the top of the list. I love the place.

Fishing in the Northern Territory at Dundee Beach

Northern Territory (Dundee Beach) is known for its laid-back charm and provides a unique blend of estuary and Bluewater fishing, with highlights like barramundi, threadfin salmon, and Spanish mackerel in the Arafura Sea. Matt & the team at Dundee Beach Fishing Charters are incredibly knowledgeable and always connect us to incredible Barramundi. On the inshore reefs Jewfish, Snapper and Cod and off-shore, Red Emperor, Coral Trout, Bluebone & Nannygai.

How to catch 15 species at Dundee Beach >

Fishing in Darwin

Remote coastal creeks, Tiwi Islands, Shady Camp and Corroboree Billabong are all accessible from Darwin and promise massive Barramundi and Threadfin Salmon. Add on a bit of offshore reef and sportfishing and the excitement ramps up a notch!

Fishing in Arnhem Land

I still get crazy excited at the thought of the big Barramundi in Arnhem Land. I've had some of the hottest Barramundi sessions ever there. Plus, there's the opportunity of chasing Tuna, Threadfin Salmon and Queenfish as well!

Fishing at Kakadu National Park NT

The run-off in the Top End of the Northern Territory is from Feb-May when the floodwaters from the 'wet' flow off the floodplains into the tidal river and creek channels. The chance of hooking that mighty metre+ Barramundi and the sensation as the fish smash your lure is real!

Fishing the spectacular Kimberley in Western Australia

The Kimberley’s & Pilbara regions offer wilderness and adventure fishing, and fishing opportunities in oceans, lakes, creeks, and rivers, with barramundi fishing in locations like Dampier and Broome. This magical backdrop is home to incredible fishing and fish species such as Blue Bastards, Mangrove Jacks, Barramundi and Black Jewfish.


Fishing in Tasmania

Renowned for world-class trout fishing, Tasmania's lakes, rivers, and streams, including the Great Lake and Arthurs Lake, attract anglers for the challenge of fly fishing and landing brown and rainbow trout.

Watch me fishing for trout in Tasmania in a stream that hasn’t been fished in for 100 years >


Fishing Charter

Going on a fishing charter in Australia is a great way to explore Australia's fishing spots. Whether in the Great Barrier Reef, Northern Territory, or Tasmania, ensuring a memorable and well-guided fishing experience. From deep-sea fishing charters to specialized barramundi fishing charters, there's a tailored adventure for every angler.

Here are a few Fishing Charters that I would recommend:

Fishing Charter Great Barrier Reef

Big Cat Reality

Exceed Sport Fishing


Fishing Charter Weipa

Far North Fishing


Fishing Charter Darwin

Offshore Boats


Fishing Charter Northern Territory

Dundee Beach Fishing Charters  


Fishing Charter Kimberley Western Australia

Cannon Charters


Fishing Charter Arnhem Land Northern Territory

Dhipirri Barra & Sportfishing Lodge